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What's New In Piarco FIR

Carnival Getaway

On behalf of the staff at the Piarco FIR, I would like to invite you to participate in our Carnival Getaway on Sunday 29th January, 2016. The event will run from 3PM ( GMT -4) – 9PM (GMT -4). Please confirm your interest in attending the event. Do have a pleasant day.      

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Piarco FIR New Website

Piarco FIR has rolled out a new website! Stay tuned for additional updates and new features in the works!

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Piarco FIR Staff Team

Oliver Gibbons

Air Traffic Manager

    Justin Edwards

    Deputy AIr Traffic Manager

      Shayne Innis

      Events Director/FIR Trainer

        Marlos Baptiste

        FIR Trainer